Commands List

These are the default commands for Nightbot. Find out more information about each command with its related link.

  • !nightbot
    • join - Force Nightbot to Join your Channel (Only in Nightbot's Chat) [Owner Only]
    • part or leave - Force Nightbot to Leave your Channel [Owner Only]
  • !commands - Link to Command Page for that Channel [more info]
    • add - Add Custom Command to Nightbot
    • edit - Edit existing Custom Command
    • delete - Delete existing Custom Command from Nightbot
  • !commercial - Run a Commercial for Specified Duration [more info]
  • !filters - Manage existing Spam Protection Filters [more info]
  • !permit - Allows User to Temporarily Post Links [more info]
  • !game - Show Current Game for that Channel [more info]
    • <game> - Set Current Game for that Channel
  • !poll [more info]
    • new - Create a new Strawpoll to vote on
    • results - View Current Results of Latest Strawpoll
  • !regulars [more info]
    • add - Add Username to Regular UserLevel
    • delete - Delete Username from Regular UserLevel
  • !songs [more info]
    • current - Display Current Song from AutoDJ
    • delete - Delete Existing Song from the Song Queue
    • list - Link to Songlist for that Channel
    • playlist - Link to Playlist for that Channel
    • next - Display Next Song from AutoDJ
    • request - Add Song into Song Queue
    • skip - Skip the Currently Playing Song in AutoDJ
    • save - Save the Currently Playing Song into user Playlist
    • promote - Move Song to be Next Playing Song
    • volume - View and Change Current AutoDJ Volume
    • play - Start the Playing of AutoDJ (must be open in browser)
    • pause - Pause the Playing of AutoDJ (must be open in browser)
  • !title - Show Current Title for that Channel [more info]
    • <title> - Set Current Title for that Channel
  • !winner - Get Random Chatter from your Channel [more info]
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Last updated on 10th May 2017