Nightbot offers a link filter that allows you to control how links are handled in your chat.


Managing Links can be found in the Nightbot Spam Protection menu by owners and channel managers. This filter can also be managed through the !filters command.

To view settings for Nightbot's links filter, head over to the Spam Protection menu.

Clicking the Options button will open a popout that you can customize filter settings.

Advanced Usage


The links filter also supports regular expressions (regex) for more whitelist options. You can enter a regex expression with the pattern below.



~/\/[\d\w]+.(png|jpg|gif)/i will whitelist imgur direct links such as (, but will not allow image links (, gallery links, and album links (


  • Link Whitelist - This is the list of allowed links, entered one entry per line. You can allow entire websites (example: or specific links (example:

  • Timeout Length - This is the maximum length of time Nightbot will timeout users for when being punished for this spam filter. Nightbot always issues a 5-second timeout for first offenses, and repeat offenses yield the length you select. The 600-second default value is equivalent to 10 minutes.

  • Exempt Userlevel - This is the minimum required userlevel to be exempt from this filter. For example, if regular is set, regulars are able to post links and not get punished.

  • Silent Mode - Enable this setting and Nightbot will no longer give messages to punished users. This is useful for busier channels where Nightbot floods the chat with timeout explanation messages.

  • Custom Message - This sets a custom message to be displayed to users when they are punished from the links filter. Leaving this blank will use the default messages, which are randomly chosen Duke Nukem quotes.

Users can be temporarily permitted to post a link using the !permit command. The !filters command needs to be enabled for the !permit to function.


!permit night

will allow the user night to post links for the duration of 60 seconds.

All filters can be managed through the Spam Protection menu or through the !filters command.

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Last updated on 22nd Oct 2020