Variables List

  • Arguments – space separated arguments in the command's input [more info]
  • Channel – name of the current channel [more info]
  • ChannelID – id of the current channel [more info]
  • ChatID – id of the current chat [more info]
  • Count – variable that automatically increments [more info]
  • Countdown – time left until a specified time [more info]
  • Countup – time past since a specified time [more info]
  • DJKhaled - display one of DJ Khaled’s 🔑s to success [more info]
  • Eval - evaluates JavaScript code [more info]
  • Lastfm – last scrobbled song from a profile [more info]
  • LeagueOfLegends - display rank information for a summoner name [more info]
  • PSN – user stats from a Playstation Network profile [more info]
  • Query – full input that comes after the command [more info]
  • QueryString – full input that comes after the command with url-encoding [more info]
  • Rainwave – current song information from the Rainwave radio network [more info]
  • Steam – user information from a Steam profile [more info]
  • Time – current time in a selected timezone [more info]
  • ToUser – first argument given to the command [more info]
  • Tweet – Generate click-to-tweet templates with a specified message [more info]
  • Twitch – user information from a Twitch profile [more info]
  • UrlFetch – output from a remote url [more info]
  • User – name of the calling user [more info]
  • UserID – id of the calling user [more info]
  • UserLevel – userlevel of the calling user [more info]
  • Weather – weather information at a specified location [more info]
  • XBL – user stats from an Xbox Live profile [more info]
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Last updated on 22nd Oct 2020