Nightbot FAQ

Here are the most common questions we get asked, all on one page. For additional support for specific items use the Nightbot Forum or the Contact Form for more private matters.

Why isn't Nightbot joining, I'm using YouTube Gaming? Why is Nightbot taking a long time to respond on YouTube Gaming?

Nightbot for YouTube Gaming will only join your channel when live and can take a few minutes to join. This limitation is due to rate limits on YouTube's API.

It can take Nightbot up to 2 minutes to receive messages if your chat is slow or inactive. The more active your chat, the sooner Nightbot can read and respond to a command.

Both of these limitations cannot be worked around. If Nightbot still isn't joining your channel, it's either not a moderator or is banned from your channel.

Note: Spamming the Join/Part button in the Control Panel will just cancel the join operation and results in longer join times.

My Playlist was deleted and I can't find it. How do I get it back?

Navigate to the AutoDJ settings and under the General Header change the Playlist setting to Channel. Personal playlists can be edited in the Playlist page.

If the above doesn't show your playlist please use the Contact Form as your playlist may not have transfered correctly.

Why do I get songs in AutoDJ that can't be deleted?

There is another playlist active in the AutoDJ settings. Please refer to the previous question to change this.

How do I get the current song to display on OBS/XSpilt?

Download and install the Nightbot Application. Upon running song request, a text file is created with the current song in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Nightbot\ location for Windows and in /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Nightbot/ for OSX. At the current time there is no way to edit the output of the song, this will be added in the future releases.

This isn't working and it should be. This should be added to Nightbot!

We are always looking to fix bugs and improve Nightbot, unreported bugs often go unnoticed. Contact us using the Contact Form, posting on the Nightbot forum or on Twitter at @nightbotapp. If there is a feature you think should be added, tell us on the forum. We're always looking for ways to improve Nightbot.

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Last updated on 16th Oct 2016