The !filters command allows you and your moderators to edit existing Nightbot filters. For managing filters in the control panel please see Spam Protection.

In order to use the !permit command the !filters command must be enabled.

Selecting Spam Filter


!filters spam_filter

As explained above, the filters command at its core allows control over Nightbot's spam protection filters.

spam_filter is the name of the filter that you or your moderators wish to manage and edit. The current spam filter names are identical to the Spam Protection located in the Control Panel. The filter names are as followed:

  • blacklist - Prevents chatters from posting certain words or phrases [more info]
  • caps - Prevents chatters from posting in all or mostly capitalizes messages [more info]
  • emotes - Prevents chatters from posting many emotes in messages [more info]
  • links - Prevents chatters from posting links, and allows you to whitelist certain links [more info]
  • symbols - Prevents chatters from posting many symbols in messages [more info]
  • repetitions - Prevents chatters from posting repeating words and phrases [more info]

As this step alone Nightbot will return both if the filter is enabled or disabled and further spam protection settings that can be managed.


!filters caps

will return the response

Night -> No setting was specified. Current status for caps filtering: enabled. Possible settings: enable/disable/limit/message/time/silent/userlevel

Filter Management


!filters spam_filter settings

After specifying a spam_filter from above, entering a setting will allow you and your moderators to modify certain aspects of the specified filter. The settings are identical to those in the Spam Protection menu.

After selecting a setting you want to modify, a value, such as a number or text, needs to be entered to change the setting.

Note: Placing "enable" or "disable" in the setting will turn on and off the specified filter respectively.


These examples show an assortment of different use cases for the !filter command.

!filters caps limit 8

will change the current limit of caps to 8

!filters links message No Links!

will change the links timeout message to "No Links!"

!filters symbols disable

will disable the symbols filter

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Last updated on 12th Aug 2019