The urlfetch (formerly customapi) variable calls a remote url to retrieve and display a response. It's useful for building more complex commands that Nightbot does not support.


$(urlfetch url)

url is a URL that returns a body in plain text with less than 400 characters in its response


Check out the Custom APIs sub-forum on our Community Forum: https://community.nightdev.com/c/nightbot/custom-apis

Advanced Usage

Nightbot sends request headers that contain pertinent information of the user calling the command, the channel the command was called, and a response URL to POST a response.


Nightbot-Response-Url - A response link where responses can be sent with a POST request without prior authorization. See /channel/send in the API docs.

Nightbot-User - User data of the user who used the command that triggered the urlfetch. Note: This header is not sent when the urlfetch is called from a timer.

Nightbot-Channel - Channel data of the channel where the command was used.

Example Headers

Nightbot-Response-Url: https://api.nightbot.tv/1/channel/send/TVRRM05UazRNVGsyT1RnNE1TOWthWE5...

Nightbot-User: name=night&displayName=night&provider=twitch&providerId=11785491&userLevel=owner

Nightbot-Channel: name=night&displayName=Night&provider=twitch&providerId=11785491

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Last updated on 10th May 2017