You can use the Battlelog variable to create commands that display user stats or status information from EA's Battlelog. This is useful for sharing the URL of the current Battlefield server you're playing in as well as letting your viewers see your player stats in-game.


The Battlelog variable has two actions that you can perform: stats and status


$(battlelog stats platform game username)

platform is the platform the stats are being looked up for (values can be pc, ps3, ps4, xbox360, and xboxone)

game is the game the stats are being looked up for (values can be bf3, bf4, bfh, and mohw)

username is the username being looked up on the specified platform

Example Usage

$(battlelog stats pc bf4 iblindfolded)

would result in

[Battlefield 4 stats on PC for iBlindfolded] Rank: Brigadier General VIII, Skill: 254, K/D: 3.47, W/L: 1.52, Kills: 15893, Score: 16,338,379, SPM: 1028.28, Accuracy: 12.00, Time Played: 11 days, 49 minutes, 0 seconds - More info at


$(battlelog status username)

username is the EA account name on Battlelog being looked up

Example Usage

$(battlelog status iblindfolded)

would result in

iBlindfolded is currently online playing Battlefield 4 (PC) on =rTr= #1 ~ HARDCORE CONQUEST - More info at


Adding a command to show chatters what server you're playing on

!commands add !battlelogstatus $(battlelog status username)

Adding a command to allow users in chat to lookup their own stats

!commands add !battlelogstats $(battlelog stats $(query))

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Last updated on 10th May 2017